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Do you see that?

Whenever I ask myself or others this question

I’m In my element.

Constantly scanning my environment for visual treasures

I get a kick out of it.

It could be a crack in a wall

A peony in May

An old chair in an alleyway 


I love discovering spaces, finding beauty, 

curating it to be appreciated by many and connecting with others by endlessly wondering whether we see the world in the same way. 

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About Priska Hübsch


'Do you see that?'

Do you see that?

Born in Germany and raised by a pastor and a philosopher (both art enthusiasts),

I was dragged through every church and every museum.

My parents would point at little details everywhere: ‚Do you see that?‘.

I remember being appalled by Joseph Beuys's work and bored with sacral architecture.

I complained at the time but PLOT TWIST ended up majoring in Fine arts in high school.

The rebel in me gave in, I secretly fell in love with art. 

So I went on to study Design and Textiles at LCCA London,

did a BA in Art History at Freie Universität in Berlin

and studied Interior design at KLC London. 


To get by and to finance my studies I sold furniture and home wear, from Scandinavian bespoke joinery to German antiques to Italian luxury design.

I spent my entire life sharpening my eye, opening it up to beauty and its meaning, understanding scale, texture, form and colour and hypothesising their psychological impact.

While I'm trying to make sense of it all I keep catching myself surprised, intrigued,

full of wonderment. 

I get the biggest pleasure out of finding soulful objects on my travels and then matching them with a longing owner.

Most importantly however I want to help create opportunities for creators.

Not every artist went the academic route, some are undiscovered, unsupported, disheartened not knowing that someone somewhere will appreciate their hard work and talent. 

Similarly there is so much great design in this world, sadly a lot of it is thrown away after one life cycle. I want to bring beautiful objects back to life, give creators a platform and find likeminded souls by asking

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